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Welcome to the LeopardClan Roleplaying WikiEdit

Welcome to the LeopardClan Role-playing wiki! I am your founder, Hawkmask121 but you may call me Hawky! Here, you can roleplay your cats. Please read the Rules and Join the Clan! Feel free to enjoy, and be sure to become a loyal, active member of LeopardClan. Good luck to everyone!

Our MembersEdit

Our wonderful members!

Leader: Spottedstar- (rped by Hawkmask121)

Deputy: Pouncestrike- (rped by Roboflight)

Medicine Cat: Flareblaze- (rped by Silverstar10)

Medicine Cat Apprentice: N/A

Warriors: Dustbreeze- (rped by Mistybird), Stealthfur- (rped by Rainsplash987), Amberbreeze-(rped by Hawkmask121), Autumncall-(Rped by BCEngine), Firestripe- (Rped by Hawkmask121)

Apprentices: Oceanpaw-(Rped by BCEngine)

Queens: N/A

Kits: Fernkit-( rped by Tanglefrost101)

Qualify on the Join the Clan page!

Read to get the story. . .Edit

You were walking through the tropical forest, the trees high and damp air.

A rustling in the bushed sounds behind you, and you spin around. A sleek, she-cat appears in front of you.

"Who are you?" you ask.

The she-cat dips her head, "I am Spottedstar, leader of LeopardClan."

"What's that?" you ask.

"Follow me," Spottedstar says.

You follow her until you reach a small area with tall trees, full branches, and a small stream.

"Welcome to LeopardClan."

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